Rapidly Expand Your Customer Base And Manage All Your Prospects

Let Pro Prospector™ Show You How To Manage All Of Your Marketing And Customer Prospecting With An All-In-One Marketing Command Center... Even If You Don't Have A Single Salesperson!

How would you like to have so many white hot, highly qualified prospects calling you that you can't even answer the phone fast enough?

How would you like to have a system in place that allows you to connect, engage and follow up with every lead leveraging every possible method of marketing?

And how would you like to see your marketing ROI numbers SKY ROCKET so that every dollar spent generates the maximum in sales revenue for your business?

If you're in the same position as a lot of business owners during these challenging times, I know your answer is a big fat YES!

I fully understand the potential pains you are currently experiencing when it comes to ramping up your business.

Like every day it seems as if you're working twice as hard and watching your results plummet.

For every hard earned advertising dollar spent… you continue to fall further and further away from profit. You desperately want to grow your business and even hire more staff.

But it's not going well. These days you daydream of "just breaking even."

Happy for the days where you are able to keep your head above water.

To not feel the panic of drowning under a tidal wave of expenses and wondering when your whole business is going to go under completely.

You've got nowhere near enough new clients and customers coming through the door.

But plenty of ineffective marketing dollars flying out of it.

Is your dream of owning a highly-successful,
profitable business quickly vanishing?

Are you feeling like you're about to give it all up?

I have one word to say to you… DON'T!

I say that with such passion and confidence because I know that your dream can come true with just one simple action.

And that is to take advantage of the groundbreaking system called Pro Prospector™.

The same exact system that completely turned around Dan Krenzel's business in one Wednesday evening!

Did you catch that number Dan mentioned in his video?

70 prospect calls in 2.5 hours!

…on a random Wednesday night, just as a "test!"

Can you imagine sitting in that same thrilling position where you can't even answer your phone fast enough because you have so many interested prospects?

How fast would that change the entire course of your business?
How fast would that change YOUR LIFE!?

Because I'm certain that right now you are in a very similar position as Dan.

You need more qualified prospects consistently.

And that means every… single… day.

And when I say "more" I'm not talking about one or two a day.
I'm talking about 10's and even 100's of brand new incoming calls and eager buyers PER DAY.

But of course once you have these piles of these excited prospects, you have to be able to communicate with them effectively and efficiently.

Whether that be the answering the initial inbound call, outbound follow up call, leaving voicemails or maximizing the technology of text messaging.

You absolutely must have a marketing system in place that can handle every single touch point in your prospecting and follow up efforts as a business owner.

The challenge is finding just such a system that provides every marketing tool and method along with an absolute top notch support team of professionals.

And one that answers every one of your marketing / prospecting / follow up needs at an investment that doesn't cripple your cash flow.

At this point you might be wondering… is there any system out there that could possibly fulfill on all those promises?

Once again, the answer is an unequivocal YES!

So what is in this "groundbreaking, profit-smashing system?" you may be asking yourself with nervous anticipation...

Well… let's get into the nuts and bolts of it right now.

First off… are you sick and tired of scrambling through business cards and pieces of scrap paper trying to locate and organize your "contact list?"

Or maybe your rolodex is on it's last legs? Or worse yet… collecting dust.

How many times do you find yourself trying to search for (or remember) a phone number, a name, or a key detail when it comes to a prospect? Digging through piles of disorganized information only to lose out on another sale.

We understand your struggles of staying on track and organized.
And that is why we've created our streamlined and user friendly Contact Manager.

All of a sudden, your entire list of contacts are uploaded and categorized with every important detail or data for each prospect included.

Gone are the stacks of business cards and scrap paper… or ink smeared napkins.

In its place is a highly efficient method to import, export, segment and collect your leads. Speaking of collecting leads, the Contact Manager even allows you to immediately create your own lead forms in a snap.

Through the use of your new Contact Manager, your entire business has it's rock solid foundation.

Now that you can keep your leads organized, now you need to start bringing in more of them. A LOT MORE OF THEM.

And that means phone calls.

This is where Pro Prospector™ really helps you step up your sales game FAST.

Once you begin using the Dialer function, you are off to the races when it comes to your prospecting.

Within a matter of hours you can be TRIPLING YOUR PRODUCTION on outbound calls.

More calls means more opportunities.
More opportunities means more conversations.
More conversations means more closes… more sales!

You are able to streamline your entire prospecting process by leveraging numerous high impact tools.

Power dialing, Recorded messages, custom "ringless voicemails" and one touch emails for callbacks.

Now every time you or your sales rep picks up the phone… it's extremely effective and massively profitable.

How much more could you add to your bottom line if you could call 10X more leads in only half the time? I really want that to sink in for you.

In a matter of only a few days using our software, your bottom line in business could be showcasing top of the line profits!

But with the Pro Prospector™ Dialer, it's not only about the outbound call features.

The capabilities to handle all of your Inbound calls are just as impressive.
You will be able to create a variety of campaigns, set up voicemail and SMS responses and log every single call that comes into your business.

So once again, you are able to dramatically increase the effectiveness and productivity of single phone call that comes in… or goes out.

Now as we've been talking about the impressive Dialer function, we've mentioned voicemails quite a bit. Without a doubt, it is a vital part of any business when it comes to communication and connecting correctly with your prospects and clients.

That is why Pro Prospector™ made absolutely certain to include a "Ringless Voicemail" feature.
This aspect alone can immediately ramp up your results and allow you to effortlessly build rapport from the first contact point with a prospect.

You are able to create an efficient, attention grabbing message that you can leave with any prospect without their phone ever ringing. This way you're able to respect that person's time and schedule… and yet… make sure you put your best foot forward with your marketing message.

You are able to send out these voicemails whether it be a single broadcast special message to your whole list or you can create an entire autoresponder series to focus your follow up efforts on each new lead that comes in.

Plus… by using the Ringless Voicemail feature your message entices your prospects to WANT TO CALL YOU. Your message puts the ball in their court and also displays to them that you are extremely busy.

So busy… that you only want the most dedicated and serious of customers and clients.
These Ringless Voicemails allow you to quickly posture up as leader within his marketplace.

And people want to follow the leader… and invest in that leadership with their purchase.

But Pro Prospector™ didn't stop just with Ringless Voicemails. Our software constantly makes sure to be up to date with current trends of how the marketplace communicates.

And these days, that means SMS aka "text messaging."

Like it or not, the majority of people these days use texting as their primary way to interact… whether business or personal. To ignore that fact would be to ignore the reality of how to make more money in your business.

You must understand that the SMS Marketer feature within Pro Prospector™ could immediately set you apart from your competition and leave your competition in the dust!

Before you know it, you will have a variety of SMS campaigns, both standard and conversational, rapidly building your list of subscribers. You can create an Autoresponder series by text, just the same as you could within your email marketing efforts.

And the best part of leveraging the SMS Marketer are the stats you will be seeing on a daily basis.

Open rates for your text message campaigns can be pushing into the 98% range!

Talk about a return on your investment when it comes to your marketing efforts.

How many more new customers and clients could you close if 98% of your prospects were receiving and reading your messages?!

Okay… so Pro Prospector™ makes sure to push the envelope when it comes to current trends and technology. But what about the proven, tried and true methods as well?

What about a steady standard like Email Marketing?

Once again, our software goes above and beyond.

You will have access to a full featured Email Marketing System.

Creating broadcast messages, full blown follow up autoresponder series, complete tracking and templates. Everything you would expect and need from your Email Marketing efforts are provided with Pro Prospector™.

Because the fact of the matter is… email marketing is still a vital piece to your profit producing puzzle.

So in order to make certain you are consistently reaching your rapidly expanding subscriber list, you must be able to quickly and easily generate high converting email campaigns.

Or to be able at the drop of a hat, blast out a short and sweet broadcast message about your latest sale or special to strike while the iron is hot.

No matter what aspect of email marketing your business requires, Pro Prospector™ provides the tools and resources to help your business explode.

Now as you continue to leverage all Pro Prospector™'s amazingly efficient tools, your business will begin to change rapidly.

In fact... suddenly… you will have a whole new type of challenge to take on with your business.

Keeping track of your continuous flood of new prospects and customers.

Before you probably had no real need for a Calendar functionality.

With the small amount of prospects coming through your door, a simple wall calendar you picked up at your local office supply store fits the bill.

And keeping reports and tracking your calls, emails etc. wasn't something very high tech.
A cheap notebook on your desk was all the tech you needed at the time.

Not anymore.

With the continuous flood of new prospects and clients, you're going to need to get serious when it comes to your appointment setting, scheduling, stats and reporting.

With the Pro Prospector™ Calendar and Reporting functions… you'll never miss a beat in your business. You'll never miss an appointment and never miss an opportunity for a new networking connection.

You will have easy access to every possible reporting on every facet of your marketing.
Emails, Voicemails, Call and Subscription reports.

Whatever data you need to know, it is right there front and center at the drop of a hat.

As your business continues to grow by leaps and bounds by maximizing the features within Pro Prospector™… a whole new problem will arrive on your front doorstep.

A problem you've been dreaming of for some time.

You will have TOO MUCH BUSINESS and need to begin hiring a team.
In the past, this may have caused you some discomfort and unease.
How would you be able to keep a sales team organized and on point?

Again, this is where Pro Prospector™ removes the burden in a business.

As you began building your brand new sales team, you'll simply use our software's Team building feature. You will be able to assign the proper tasks, capabilities, and access levels to each team member with just a few keystrokes.

And you'll also be able to monitor your team whenever the need arises. Helping and guiding your expanding sales team to improve on their skillsets in order to grow your company to even greater heights.

Now you own a business that continues to thrive and continues to level up week to week and month to month. Progress is in a continuous flow.

In fact, as much as you will be enjoying using every single feature of Pro Prospector™ to boost your bottom line… soon enough you will be ready to step back a bit.

The great thing is that when you are ready to take that step back from handling the bulk of your marketing efforts, you will only have to make one single call to Pro Prospector™.

That call is when you will take full advantage of our V.I.P. Marketing Services.

V.I.P. Marketing Services

That is when our top tier professional team will step in and handle all the of your needs when it comes to continue making your phone ring off the hook with brand new business!

That day will come for you MUCH SOONER THAN YOU THINK!

But if you're reading this, why not jump ahead must faster and let our professional marketing team handle the heavy lifting for you from the very beginning.

Not worrying on how to get your phone to ring.

Why not let our team of marketing professionals help you leverage your marketing investment at an even higher level?

If you can rapidly accelerate your progress and profit with far less of your own blood, sweat and tears… wouldn't it just make the most sense to take full advantage of the V.I.P. package now?

I think you already know the answer. Take that next step.

Here's What Pro Prospector™ Customers Have To Say!

Now it's one thing for us to share with you how amazing the results will be for you once you invest in Pro Prospector™.

But it's a completely different perspective when you get to hear about if from some of our incredibly satisfied clients. Here's just a few for you to check out.

And we continue to have raw and real testimonials just like these continue to flood our office. Every single time we receive another raving review from a client, we beam with pride knowing that we are having the absolute greatest impact on our customer's businesses.

To know that we are helping them create the ultimate version of their life and success


How absolutely amazing would it feel to leave all of your previous frustrations and heartbreaks of ineffective marketing behind you?

How much peace of mind could you gain knowing… without a shadow of a doubt… that your marketing efforts are producing at their highest level?

How grateful would you be to have an all-in-one cutting edge marketing system in place to push your profit through the roof?

I'm here to tell you… Your time is now.

It's your time to leave the days of cold calling behind.

It's your time to stop relying on outdated direct mail methods.

It's your time to stop wishing and hoping for a prospect to show up at your door.

You have a unique opportunity… right now… to gain immediate access to the most complete all-in-one marketing system. Everything from prospecting, lead generation, follow ups, tracking and sales team building.

Everything you need is right here.

And you can build your entire new business empire whether you are a sole owner / operator or if you're in charge of a 100 person team.

Or you can simply let our V.I.P. Marketing Services team of professionals grab the wheel and start steering your success rapidly to the finish line.

Either way, Pro Prospector™ is YOUR SOLUTION.

When you first started reading this page, you may have been at a moment where you felt all was lost and you were at the end of the road.

We here at Pro Prospector™ want you to know that a new path to progress and profit is one click away. All you have to do is hit that "BUY NOW" button at the bottom of this page.

Your amazing new journey begins when you choose your package with Pro Prospector™ today.

Leave your marketing struggles in the past.

Step forward into your future success today.

Click the button below to choose your package below and GET STARTED NOW!

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Welcome To The ​Marketing Command Center
That Is... Pro Prospector™!

Full Featured Contact Manager:

Manage every single aspect of your prospects within our Contact Manager. Import and export an individual contact or do it by the thousands. Add your own custom fields to collect whatever data you need for your database. Plus quickly create your own lead forms to capture those red hot leads.

Complete Phone System:

Whether it be handling a rush of inbound calls or cranking out outbound sales calls, our phone system has you covered. Create a variety of voicemail and sales scripts for your team, design highly effective campaigns featuring voicemails, SMS messaging and even pre-recorded messages. Plus log every call for tracking and stats to increase conversions even higher!

Voicemail Drop:

Take advantage of a game changing ability to reach your prospects with "ringless voicemails." Send out an on the fly broadcast or create an entire automated follow up campaign using the power of your voice. Messages can be delivered to both mobile AND landline numbers! This ringless functionality can quickly start ringing your cash register!

SMS Marketer:

Imagine having all the same marketing capabilities as email, but through the immediacy of text messaging! You have exactly that with our SMS Marketer. Create campaigns (both standard and conversational), autoresponder series and track every text for maximum ROI.

Multi-faceted Mass Emailer:

Enjoy the flexibility of our full featured Mass Emailer. Everything you've ever needed or wanted in an email service is at your fingertips. Templates, broadcast and follow up series, logging functionality and the ability to pump out your message to the masses in bulk with no tech hiccups.

Calendar and Reports:

Make sure you never miss a beat when it comes to booking your appointments or rescheduling meetings. Our simple and efficient Calendar handles it all for you or your team. Track every possible piece of data with our Reports. Calls, Emails, Voicemails and Subscriptions are consistently logged and analyzed for your needs.

Team Organization and Monitoring:

If you are building up your sales team, you need to be able to organize them by skills and responsibilities. Establish access and categorization for individual team members on a case by case basis with ease. Plus use our Monitoring function to critique and provide empowering feedback to your team members after their sales calls.

If ever there was an all-in-one software system to do all the heavy lifting necessary to prospect, follow up and convert on your daily marketing efforts... it's Pro Prospector™!

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