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Pro Prospector™ was founded back in November of 2010 however, the majority of our core team had already been friends and colleagues since meeting at Stanford University over a decade earlier. Following college, we all became workmates at companies all of the world knows today as well as partners in various projects, with each vowing that someday we would all start our own business together. During those years, it was our privilege to meet some extremely talented people, bringing as many as possible onboard many of our side projects. The crème de la crème, if you will. Today, with Pro Prospector™, each partner and team member bring specific talents and abilities to the table. Our experience as a team is extensive, having worked with most of the Fortune 200 companies in the past and our backgrounds range from big data, analytics, software engineering/programming, web development, IT security, sales scripting, professional copywriting, telemarketing, to advanced sales funnel creation.

Over the years, our team became more involved with all of the technological aspects of successfully growing a business and realized that there was a critical need for all small businesses to have access to a simple but effective all-in-one solution to help them generate and manage their entire prospecting and sales process.

That was when we made the decision to create our own business automating prospecting, sales, and marketing with robust contact management software. There were other solutions on the market but nothing that would deliver the type of sales numbers our Fortune 200 clients had demanded. Once completed in 2010, we then began marketing it to small and medium sized businesses which were in need of a multi-touch marketing system that delivered. In 2015, the company moved into managed marketing services with our exclusive VIP Marketing Program. The VIP Marketing Program allowed the leveraging of the Pro Prospector™ software suite and enabled us to create, implement and optimize high-converting sales funnels for our clients. Everything from targeting the proper lists to crafting the perfect inbound and outbound scripts, voicemail messages, SMS messages, emails, etc., to running reports, monitoring calls and continual testing for improvements.

Today, Pro Prospector™ operates from our main office in Albuquerque, New Mexico with an international staff of over 60, including account executives, support agents, software development engineers, graphic designers, videographers, marketing specialists, copywriters, and managers.

Our team of dedicated professionals proudly serves just over 4,000 business owners on a worldwide basis, and Pro Prospector™ is rapidly expanding having received multiple accolades. 

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